Dream Routes of the World

The Most Beautiful Destinations on Earth
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Johann Wolfgang from Goethe (1749 – 1832) wrote »The best education for an intelligent person is found while travelling«, and Dream Routes of the World is the perfect travel guide for this journey, as it is the perfect companion for all globetrotters. It includes the most beautiful destination routes from around the globe.

The 28 adventurous car tours lead over the continents, across fascinating countries, through impressive natural landscapes to mysterious lost civilisations. From Europe, with its imposing castles, palaces and medieval cities to Africa, with its contrasting sandy deserts and rushing waterfalls, from Asia’s sparkling metropolises and the stunning Himalaya to the scenic extremes of Australia and New Zealand, continue around the world to the extremely large US continent with its unbelievably deep canyons to the incredibly high volcanoes and largest jungles of the world in South America.

With informative texts on travel destinations and regional topics as well as tips on worthwhile detours, brilliant colour photos and detailed route maps, as well as helpful city maps, this volume is a comprehensive travel encyclopedia and the ideal handbook for travelling the world.

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