England & Wales

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England is a land of history and stories. The Romans, Celts and Normans have all left their mark here, as did William Shakespeare and Charles Dickens. From the chalk cliffs in the south to the Yorkshire Dales in the north, from the dramatic spires of the gothic cathedrals in Exeter and Salisbury to the romantic cottages of the Cotswolds – England, the largest country in the United Kingdom, offers an unusual variety of sights and landscapes, ranging from the dramatic scenery of the rugged Exmoor National Park to the tranquillity of the green hills in the heart of the country.

Settled since prehistoric times, England boasts rich cultural treasures. Vibrant cities like Liverpool, Manchester and, of course, London stand out with their modern architecture and exciting cultural life, while the traditional England can still be discovered in magnificent gardens and old mansion houses.

A trip to neighbouring Wales also offers plenty of variety. Despite its rugged nature, stunning coastline and the snow-capped mountains in Snowdonia, the “Land of the Red Dragon” is not a harsh place. The Welsh are known for their cordial nature, and visitors will find pretty villages in between the fortified castles. 

The England & Wales Book invites you on a visual feast of a journey through the two countries, revealing the rich diversity of both in exciting photographs and expert texts.

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