Hanover City Map

1:12.500 (FLEXI MAP), englische Ausgabe
Format10,0 x 22,0 cm (gefaltet)
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The city map of Hanover comes with a scale of 1:12 500 and very detailed maps to assist you in navigating your way around Hanover. FlexiMaps are double-sided, laminated, durable and easy to fold.

This city map for Hanover, Germany, includes 6 separate maps:


  • map of downtown Hanover,
  • Hanover environs road map,
  • Hanover area road map,
  • detail map for Hanover trade fair,
  • Hanover regional map,
  • tram network map.


2 of the maps have their own indeces which are categorised for ease of use (points of interest / places / public buildings / hotels / parks / districts / streets).

14 recommended sights, divided by theme (major city sights / museums and art collections / further afield) are linked to the mapping by numbered markers. In addition: a handy information section with concise details on getting around, public holidays, festivals and fairs, city tours/boat tours, tips for kids and emergency telephone numbers.