Happy Weekend (engl.)

1 Year – 52 Destinations all over Europe
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Would you start the weekend with a relaxing stroll through the almond orchards in Majorca? Or would you prefer a faster pace and go ice-skating outdoors in Stockholm?

Take a mid-year break from your everyday routine and join in the wild medley of the extravagant horse race in Siena, or, immerse yourself in the spectacular sights and sounds at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Tantalise your taste buds with freshly grilled sardines in the narrow streets of Lisbon, or, have a few glasses of late autumn south tyrolean wine straight from the wine press.

There are 52 weekends in a year; all just inviting for a short break to relax, recharge and reconnect. Europe offers a myriad of destinations, and this book is the key to delightful metropolises and charming regions. It presents a colourful mix of captivating destinations – suitable for every season. Attractions, hotels, restaurants, shopping hot-spots and travel tips – all at a glance. Included are those unique and memorable experiences that should not be missed!

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