Route 66 (engl.)

The Main Street of America
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An American legend, Route 66 stands for freedom, change, and adventure. Since 1926, this winding country road has linked Chicago with Santa Monica in the far west of the United States. Until then, the settlers in their covered wagons, and later in their automobiles, rumbled across the prairie, often on unpaved roads. Now the existing stretches were connected and for the first time, there was a solid road through the desert and the Rocky Mountains.

Eventually, Route 66 wound snake its way along 2,451 miles across the country. Cyrus Stevens Avery is considered the founder of the highway, which was completely paved as early as 1938. Nobody describes the departure of poor farm workers, obeying the motto “Go West!”, and driven by the hope for an easier life, better than John Steinbeck in his novel The Grapes of Wrath. The 1940 film of the same name stablished the genre of the road movie and made Route 66 a world-famous legend. Only a few years later, however, the winding road was no longer sufficient for the increasing volume of long-distance traffic.

Today, the modern Interstate Highway runs parallel to the old Route 66, which is in rapid decline. Yet, original gas stations, restaurants, and quaint stopping places keep the myth of the Wild West alive and attract tourists from all over the world. This photographic book presents the sights along Route 66 in magnificent photographs and expert prose, but it also takes you to some destinations that are well worth a detour off the road. Pulsating megacities alternate with large prairie stretches devoid of human life, and there are also great natural wonders.

  • Art deco and pure nature
  • Fantastic photography
  • Detailed atlas of the route