Wild Britain Wild Ireland

Unique National Parks, Nature Reserves and Biosphere Reserves NEU
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Opposites attract, they say – and that is the best way of describing this versatile region in Northwestern Europe. Precipitous cliffs complement rugged inland mountain ranges where, undeterred, an array of tenacious plants and flowers manages to break up the grey with the most magnificent range of colours. The legendary cliffs of Moher are synonymous with the coast of Ireland; at sunset, the cliffs take on brilliant red shades which vie with the wild flowers nodding on their edges. Scotland‘s Shetland Islands are home to a multitude of birds including the finely marked puffin. Mysterious moors and solitary lakes characterise the Isle of Skye. Seemingly endless meadows and open forests are spread across Britain and Wales.

Many of these exceptional natural beauties are designated as World Natural Heritage Sites, Biosphere Reserves or Geoparks by UNESCO and this is indicated in this book. Scattered among the richly illustrated pages dedicated to the particular landscapes are also individual special sections giving information about flora and fauna. Panoramic fold-out pages reveal the amazing dimensions.

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